80-Year-Old Bicylcist Killed by Yorba Linda DUI Driver

On Wednesday night, 80-year-old Edelgard Owens was riding her bicycle on the sidewalk of East Imperial Highway in Yorba Linda. She started to cross Prospect Avenue when a white pick-up truck slammed into her. She was immediately taken to the hospital, but was pronounced dead. Initially, there was speculation that Owens did not have the right to cross at that time. Later, that was ruled out after officers interviewed the driver of the truck and realized she may have been driving under the influence. After issuing field sobriety tests, officers realized she was intoxicated and arrested her under suspicion of DUI manslaughter.

It is unfortunate that a woman had to die because of another’s negligence. Regardless if the traffic light was red for the bicyclist, if there was an accident and officers found out that the driver was drunk, she would still get a DUI. Sentences for DUI manslaughter range from probation to years in prison. Whether you live in Villa Park, Lake Forest or Anaheim, if you are charged with DUI manslaughter, call an experienced DUI defense attorney right away.

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