California Man Arrested 13th Time for DUI

This weekend, Robert James Feenan was arrested for the 13th time for driving under the influence since 1983. On Friday, Feenan got into a non-injury crash in Santa Rosa and when police arrived, they determined that Feenan was under the influence. He was arrested and booked in jail on suspicion of driving under the influence with a felony DUI conviction, driving with a suspended license and violation of probation.

Habitual DUI offenders have alcohol problems and court ordered alcohol education classes and rehab are not enough. Even if the government makes a person take alcohol education classes, suspends their license, puts them on probation, and gives them jail, once that driver gets out, they may still drive drunk. The next step would be to install an ignition interlock device that would not allow a driver to start the car until they breathe into a machine installed in their car. This may be the only way to prevent habitual DUI offenders and alcoholics from driving under the influence and is now being used in some counties.

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