California Man Convicted for Seventh DUI

William Scott Simon was arrested in January for drunk driving when he drove into a parking lot through the wrong entrance, parked crookedly and stumbled into a Starbucks. Police tested his blood alcohol level, which revealed a .22% blood alcohol content. Last week, a judge sentenced him to two years in prison for this January event. Alone, this DUI would rarely qualify a person for 2 years in prison. This incident, however, was followed by six other DUI’s spanning about 20 years.

Being charged with seven DUI’s in around 20 years indicates that Simon likely has an alcohol problem. Beside prison time, it is likely that the judge may have recommended that Simon go to rehab, attend alcohol education classes and have his license revoked. Luckily, Simon has not hurt or killed himself or others around him yet. Hopefully, prison time will make him realize the severity of his crimes.

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