California Man Crashes Car While Driving Drunk

Francisco Romero Gutierrez, 19, was driving in Fillmore on Sunday night while intoxicated. He lost control of his vehicle and it crashed into a metal guardrail. Gutierrez sustained a broken neck, abrasions and bruising. His passengers Cesario Sandoval and Jose Luis Solorzano were also injured. All three men were taken to the hospital. Gutierrez was then arrested on suspicion of felony drunk driving.

Since this was a holiday weekend, many people were driving drunk. Luckily, Gutierrez did not kill anyone. The passengers in his vehicle should have made sure that he was not going to drive. Now Gutierrez faces jail time, court fines, a revoked license, probation and alcohol classes. Whether you live in Irvine, Laguna Niguel or Villa Park, if you are charged with a DUI, call an experienced DUI defense attorney to assist you.

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