Costa Mesa DUI crash leaves two injured

The Orange County Register is reporting on a DUI crash that has left an 18-year-old Upland man recovering from a deep scalp cut and facing driving under the influence charges after crashing a Porsche near a freeway on-ramp late Wednesday night.

Witnesses reported Dominick Anthony McCoy’s vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed south on Bear Street and Paularino Avenue. According to investigators, the car struck an electrical box, went through a freeway sign and came to rest about 20 feet later on the on-ramp from Bear to the northbound 73.

A 38-year-old female passenger in the McCoy car was injured and when police found McCoy, his bleeding head sticking was out of the top of the convertible. Both were taken to the hospital for treatment. McCoy was arrested by Costa Mesa police on suspicion of DUI and then released to medical staff where it likely that they took a blood sample.

Generally, blood tests are far more reliable than other chemical tests. The lab doing the testing takes the vial, adds some chemicals and analyzes the results. In order to maintain quality control, part of the original sample is then sent to an independent lab and is re-analyzed. If there is a different result, there may be an available defense to the result.

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