Drunk Driver Speeds at 100mph Going Wrong Way

On Monday morning at 2am in Fountain Valley, a green minivan sped past police officers, nearly hitting a patrol car. Once police stated chasing the van, the driver headed south on northbound lanes. The driver was speeding at 100mph and passing red lights. At one point, officers lost the van and decided to call off the chase. Three minutes later, officers saw that the minivan had hit another car. The drunk driver, David Ortigoza, was taken to the hospital and then to jail.

At such high speeds, it is amazing that no one else was injured.

It is likely that Ortigoza will be charged with a DUI and evading arrest. He will have to pay thousands of dollars in fines for the DUI and the damages he caused to the other car. He will also have to spend time in jail for the DUI and evading arrest. He will need an experienced Orange County criminal defense attorney to help him lower his fines and fight his charges. Whether you live in Fullerton, Westminster or San Clemente, drinking and driving will come with serious consequences.

If you have any questions about DUI’s or about your own charges, please call Orange County defense attorney William Weinberg, at 949.474.8009 (Irvine office) or 714.834.1400 (Orange office).

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