Run a search of the Orange County Register articles this summer on DUIs and you will learn that a woman suspected of DUI drove her car into Newport Bay, you will read about DUI crashes, some involving injury, and you will also read about DUI drivers who caused the death of innocent people.

A Santa Ana driver suspected of DUI ran a red light, hit another vehicle, and then fled the scene. The driver of the other vehicle died. The Santa Ana driver was arrested shortly after fleeing the scene.

A bicyclist was fatally struck by a DUI driver in Huntington Beach.

A 20-year-old man, driving under the influence of drugs, crashed into a vehicle in Irvine, which resulted in the death of both occupants of the other vehicle, an older couple. The driver has been charged with second-degree murder.

 A DUI driver fatally struck a man sitting on the sidewalk in Orange.

Three people were killed and four others were hospitalized in a crash in Orange, five of the seven were under 18. Alcohol and drugs were involved.

A driver who had several narcotics, including Fentanyl, in his system ran a red light in Newport Beach, striking another vehicle which resulted in the death of the driver of the other vehicle. Having two prior DUI convictions, this driver will be charged with murder.

A DUI driver struck a motorcyclist in Stanton, causing the death of the motorcyclist.

By my count, that is ten innocent lives lost in Orange County this summer due to DUI driving. There are many more who were injured, some permanently, because someone decided to drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

None of the DUI drivers in these incidents got in their car and thought, “I’m going to go out and kill someone.” But the truth is, the decision to drive under the influence risks just that. The tragedy for the victims will stay with the DUI driver for the rest of his or her life. Besides the emotional and psychological trauma of causing the death of another by making a careless decision, the legal consequences are often severe and may result in a criminal record that will follow the driver for the rest of his or her life.

As a DUI defense attorney, I see clients sitting across from my desk full of pain, remorse, and fear…fear that they may end up incarcerated, fear that they will carry a stigma for the rest of their life. I am not there to judge my clients; I am there to achieve the best outcome possible on the criminal charges. My goal on a DUI manslaughter or murder charge is to keep my client out of jail and, if possible, get the charge dismissed or reduced.

Causing the death of another by driving under the influence is always a tragedy, but if you have been charged with DUI manslaughter or murder, you need to be proactive and you need an aggressive advocate on your side. I hope to never see the reader of this blog post sitting on the other side of my desk, but if I do, I will do my utmost to defend your every right under the law.

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