Expunging Your DUI Conviction in Orange County, California

Anyone who has been convicted of a DUI can have the conviction expunged. The only requirements are that you were placed on probation and that you successfully completed your probation. At the end of the probation period, you can petition for the court to expunge your conviction. If you had an Orange County Criminal Defense attorney represent you on your DUI, then that attorney will most likely handle the expungement as well.

Basically how it works is that once you have completed your probation, your DUI defense attorney will file a petition requesting that the case be expunged. The Judge grants the order and your guilty plea is withdrawn and the case is dismissed.

One of the major benefits of expunging a conviction for driving under the influence in Orange County, California is that your employer or perspective employer can justify your continue employment or new employment, now that the case is dismissed. Further, once your case is expunged, you do not have to disclose on applications that you were ever convicted of a DUI.

Anyone who has a DUI conviction should seek out an experienced criminal defense attorney and have their case expunged and then dismissed.

If you would like to know more about expunging your DUI conviction, contact Orange County Criminal Defense Attorney William M. Weinberg at his Irvine, California office at 949-474-8008 or at www.williamweinberg.com.

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