Labor Day Holiday DUI Arrests Anticipated

Every summer, the Orange County Sheriff’s Department launches their “Summer/Labor Day National Anti-DUI mobilization” in an effort to minimize the number of people who get behind the wheel after drinking.  The campaign has been in effect for several years now, and the Sheriff’s Department has made the campaign public, hoping to deter people from driving after a night of drinking and partying with friends.

The campaign usually starts sometime in late June or early July and continues through Labor Day weekend.  The Sheriff’s Department puts out extra effort to crack down on drunk drivers during this time because the summer months, after school lets out, is the time when people are celebrating the end of school, graduations and vacations.   Also,  summertime in Orange County, with its beaches and great weather, brings people out of their homes to socialize in their beach communities.

The campaign this year began with the “Avoid the 38” campaign, which started on August 15th and ended on August 24th.  The campaign consisted of officers and deputies from 38 Orange County law enforcement agencies, and resulted in 483 arrests for DUI of alcohol and/or drugs.  This number is up from 374 arrests that were made during the same campaign in 2013.

Over the next several days, the campaign will continue, along with extra DUI Saturation Patrols, through the Labor Day weekend.  It’s not only the DUI task forces who will be on the lookout for drunk drivers, the regular traffic/patrol officers will be especially vigilant  in their efforts to stop and arrest drunk drivers.

Drivers in Orange County can expect multiple DUI/Driver’s License Checkpoints, along with the task force presence, to continue through Labor Day and should plan accordingly when out socializing and drinking.  Even if you have only two drinks, if you end up at a checkpoint and are asked if you have been drinking, your answer “yes” will prompt the officer(s) to check further for signs that you may be over the legal limit of .08.

If you would like to know more about the penalties and consequences for being arrested for DUI or, if you would like to know more about the guidelines for DUI checkpoints, please see the links below.

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