Lake Forest Sees Mixed Results in DUI Arrests in Orange County

South Orange County residents may not rest a little easier knowing that the Sheriff’s Department in Lake Forest is making progress in taming the DUI monster in Orange County.

In a weird twist, DUI arrests were up in 2009, between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve. More than 57%. But accidents were down the same percentage. Is there any significance to this? More people are being arrested for DUI in Lake Forest. That’s because there are increased patrols. That’s a good thing, for sure. But that is seventeen more arrests year over year. So does that mean that more people are driving drunk, or that simply more patrols equal more arrests?

It’s arguable that there is a trend away from DUI deaths, though it doesn’t appear to be substantial, in at least one view. If the results were scored for population increase the improvement might seem more substantial. In any event, the alcohol lobby, in conjunction with advertising, is a relentless force in creating more DUI drivers and cannot be stemmed without some shift in public perception.

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