Man Gets DUI on Motorized Barstool

After consuming about 15 beers, Kyle Wygle was seriously intoxicated. Nevertheless, he got onto his motorized barstool and drove home. He was going about 20 miles per hour near his home, when he tried to make a U-turn and suddenly crashed. Officers responded to the scene of the crime to see an injured man on a barstool. The motorized barstool was made with a lawnmower engine and steering wheel. Wygle was charged with a DUI and pled not guilty.

Although it seems strange to think that a motorized barstool could be considered a vehicle, any object that needs to be driven and that requires concentration and coordination is considered a vehicle. A good attorney may be able to reduce Wygle’s DUI charge to a reckless driving charge instead.

Whether you live in Aliso Viejo, Westminster or Yorba Linda, if you are charged with a DUI, you will need an experienced DUI defense attorney to assist you.

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