Man Gets DUI on Motorized La-Z-Boy Recliner

Dennis LeRoy Anderson plead guilty on Monday to driving while under the influence. After going to the Keyboard Lounge and drinking a few alcoholic beverages, Anderson got on to his motorized La-Z-Boy and accidentally crashed it into a car in the parking lot. Officers arrived and Breathalyzer results proved that Anderson had a blood alcohol level of .29%. They impounded his vehicle, arrested him and put him in jail. The La-Z-Boy was powered by the engine of a lawn mower and had a steering wheel, an antenna, headlights, a radio and a cup holder. Police estimated that the chair could go as fast as 15-20 m.p.h. The vehicle will likely be sold at the next police auction. A picture of the vehicle can be seen here.

People often think that you can only get a DUI while driving a car. This is wrong. You can receive a DUI while operating a bike, a motorcycle, a boat and almost anything else with a motor. If you are drunk, call a taxi cab to drive to you home instead of risking getting a DUI. Whether you live in San Clemente, Anaheim or Laguna Beach, if you are charged with a DUI, call an experienced DUI defense attorney to assist you.

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