Mock DUI Accidents Used to Deter Students from DUI

An older article in the OC Register caught my eye today. At Mission Viejo High School in Southern Orange County, the drama department put on a performance of a “mock DUI accident” in April of 2009. The school, along with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department and many other agencies, wanted to show high school students what a mangled car and bloody victims look like, in hopes to scare them into not drinking and driving. The performance included the actor’s decision to drink and drive, the fatal accident, a few injured and dead victims and the legal ramifications that followed for the drunk driver.

I think that this sort of performance should be done in all high schools and colleges throughout Orange County, including Irvine, Garden Grove, Westminster, Anaheim and Fullerton. Looking at the pictures in the article, the accident looked so real. The authenticity of the DUI performance along with the fact that the actors were fellow classmates, likely left a lasting impression in the minds of the youth. Let’s hope that the message lasts until they are actually old enough to drink.

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