Nascar Driver AJ Allmendinger Arrested for DUI

This week, AJ Allmendinger was pulled over in North Carolina because of drunk driving. Police said he blew a .08% on the breathalyzer machine. Allmendinger said he had gone to dinner that night and had a few drinks. He said he did not feel drunk but should have known better than to drive, since he is a Nascar driver and a DUI could ruin his career. Nascar suspended him from driving race cars until next year. From now on, Allmendinger says he wants to educate people on driving responsibly and be a good role model.

Luckily, Allmendinger was not drinking before racing his car. Racing is already a dangerous sport and if he was intoxicated while driving, he could have killed himself or others around him. Since he did not cause any damage, it is likely that Allmendinger will just have to pay some fees and take an alcohol education class, as opposed to going to jail. If he is charged with another DUI, his license will likely be revoked, thereby ruining his racing career. Whether you live in Santa Ana, Brea or Laguna Niguel, if you are charged with a DUI, call an experienced DUI defense attorney right away to assist you.

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