New Bill Reduces Jail Time for DUI Convictions

The California State Senate is one step closer to approving a bill that would allow people convicted of driving under the influence and other misdemeanor offenses, to reduce their jail time. Specifically, it would allow the Sheriff’s Department to give credit against jail sentences for participating in educational, vocational, substance abuse or parenting programs. This would be an alternative to the current manual labor work release program. The Bill would apply mainly to those offenses that are eligible for jail sentences.

The purpose of the bill is to offer incentive to people who have been convicted of less serious misdemeanors, to make an effort to fully integrate into the general society. Most individuals arrested for DUI or Drunk Driving are employed and have families that depend on them. If convicted of Driving Under the Influence and sentenced to serve time in jail, this can be an enormous burden on one’s family and can jeopardize the job that provides the income for the family.

If you have been convicted of a DUI in Orange County, there are options for alternative sentencing. A skilled criminal defense attorney will gather the appropriate evidence, know how to use it intelligently and efficiently, and render the best possible outcome for their client.

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