Orange County Drivers Beware: 87 DUI Trips Before Arrest

According to Mothers Against Drunk Drivers, DUI drivers across the nation (and by extension in Orange County, California) have driven drunk 87 times on average before they are finally arrested.

So when I hear from people that they have NEVER driven drunk before they were arrested, I’m skeptical. What this means to Orange County residents, whether living in Newport Beach, Irvine, Orange, Fullerton or Santa Ana, is that the person at the side of the road being questioned by the police, particularly later in the evening, has likely avoided this scenario over 80 times in the past.

A person charged with DUI in Orange County has the right to due process and should hire a capable DUI attorney who practices in Orange County and knows all the courts well. There are many instances when the police simply get it wrong when they make an arrest.

An example of this are the Field Sobriety Tests. This is a collection of “divided attention” tests that police officers are supposed to give to suspected DUI drivers in Orange County. But the tests are subjective. That is, they are given by the officer and the “results” are interpreted by the officer anyway the officer sees fit. If he or she thinks a person should be able to stand on one leg for 30 seconds, but can’t, the officer can include that “failure” as part of their subjective, personal belief that the driver is DUI. That is one of many reasons that a person charged with DUI in Orange County should call a qualified, experienced DUI attorney who handles cases from Fullerton, to Irvine, to Westminster and Santa Ana.

If you have any questions about DUI field sobriety tests, call William Weinberg, Orange County DUI defense attorney at 949.474.8008.

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