Orange County Increases Penalties for Drunk Drivers

Westminster is one of many Orange County police departments that has a program requiring drunk drivers involved in a collision to pay for costs related to emergency response.

The Westminster City Counsel recently voted unanimously to clarify the types of situations and costs for which drunk drivers could be billed. Although the City has billed DUI drivers who cause accidents for the last 10 years, they have stuck to the outdated limit of $1,500.00. State law now allows cities to be reimbursed as much as $12,000.00.

The proposed change says that intoxicated drivers can be billed for all costs incurred by the city in responding to the incident. This includes salaries of the police and fire personnel, cost of equipment on scene, the cost of conducting field sobriety tests and costs related to time spent transporting and booking the suspect, conducting chemical test and writing reports.

Other cities in Orange County California that have similar programs include Anaheim, Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa and Los Alamitos. If you have been arrested for a DUI in Orange County, a good Orange County DUI Defense Attorney can help mitigate not only the costs involved but also the ultimate outcome, which can have devastating affects on a person’s life.

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