Orange County Sheriff Conducted Multiple DUI Checkpoints on Fourth of July

In a continuing effort to get drunk drivers off the road and educate others about the risks, the Orange County, California Sheriff’s Department set up numerous DUI checkpoints over the Fourth of July weekend, making many arrests.

Using a light-hearted approach, deputies conversed with passing motorists, conducting enforcement stops and making arrests.

DUI checkpoints in Orange County represent a effect tool for police, but carry risks as well. The law in this area of DUI defense is complex. Law enforcement officials setting up DUI checkpoints in Orange County, California have to comply with a complex set of rules, even allowing drivers an opportunity to avoid the checkpoint itself.

A qualified Newport Beach, California criminal defense attorney will always demand to see the checkpoint “packet” through a discovery request. This trove of information will tell the lawyer whether the law was complied with or if his client may have a legal defense to the DUI charge.

If you have questions regarding Orange County or Newport Beach, California DUI checkpoints, call William Weinberg @ 949.474.8008.

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