Orange County Woman Dies During Test Drive

While this story doesn’t involve alcohol, it does involve speed and recklessness, two components of death and injury in the DUI arena.

A 27 year-old saleswoman was out on a test drive a few days ago. Perhaps she was showing off. In any event, Amy Thomas lost control of a 2003 Corvette, spun the car across the roadway on Mill Creek Lane in Laguna Hills, wrapping the car around a tree and killing her.

Her passenger survived. This story is a sobering reminder that most of us cannot handle the limits of the cars we’re driving and have to be extra careful around the streets of Orange County. Add the effects of alcohol into this story and perhaps more people could have lost their lives.

If you drink too much and want to get home, call a cab. Do not drive. Had this woman killed someone, instead of herself she could have faced life in prison. Whether you live in Newport Beach, Lake Forest or Anaheim Hills, if you are charged with a DUI, call an experienced DUI defense attorney to assist you.

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