Research shows California DUIs on the rise for young women

AAA just released a new study that showed that while men are still the most frequent DUI offenders, a growing number of young women are driving drunk in California.

According to the Sacramento Bee, the AAA statistics show that DUIs of women age 21 to 24 more than doubled in the last decade. Some think that the increase may have something to do with the increased number of DUI arrests for Hollywood’s young female celebrities and the fact that more women are behind the while than ever before.

Last month, Lindsey Lohan had an arrest warrant issued relating to her 2007 DUI arrest – her first of two DUI offenses that year. The arrest warrant was later dropped after a judge said a paperwork mistake showed Lohan had met the conditions of her probation. As a I stated in a post last month (Lohan DUI probation violation drama ends….for now), it doesn’t matter how famous someone is – if they are arrested for DUI they need a good lawyer to navigate the administrative process as well as the DUI criminal case.

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