Safe and Sober Summer Campaign in Los Angeles County

In the city of Gardena this weekend, volunteers of the Safe and Sober Summer Campaign were offering free water bottles to drivers as they were waiting at red lights in busy intersections. This program is geared towards quenching the community’s thirst so that they don’t have to reach for liquor and then drink and drive. Additionally, on hot summer days when violence is high, water can cool off hot tempers and hopefully reduce violence and crime in the community. One driver even exchanged a can of beer for the bottle of water, proving that the program is effective. Volunteers of the program have all come from troubled backgrounds and are ready to help resolve problems in the community instead of causing them.

I think that this program is a great idea that should be implemented in Orange County cities such as Westminster, Garden Grove and Santa Ana. Crime and DUI’s are higher in summer months because people are hot, irritated and bored. Someone offering free water bottles and a smile to drivers may change someone’s mood and make them think twice before doing something that could get them in legal trouble.

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