Super Bowl Sunday is right around the corner. Time for gathering around the big screen with chips and beer, lots of beer. And time for the CHP to be out in full force.

The Super Bowl Sunday roads are notoriously plagued with drivers impaired by alcohol. In fact, the Auto Club of Southern California looked at five years (2009-2013) of California road accident data and found a 77 percent increase in alcohol-related death and injuries on the Super Bowl Sunday roads. It is wise to be cautious on the roads on Super Bowl Sunday and a no-brainer to refrain from getting behind the wheel if you have been drinking.

Most people are not so unfortunate as to end up in an alcohol-related accident on Super Bowl Sunday but for those who are, the results can be tragic. That is reason enough to never drink and driveā€”if you are under the influence of alcohol (or drugs) and cause an accident, you will face severe consequences. And if you kill or severely injure someone, you will have to live with that for the rest of your life.

Maybe this is a good time to revisit the more common consequences of a DUI:

1) Towing and tow yard fees,

2) Attorney fees,

3) Court and DMV fines and fees,

4) Driver license suspension,

5) Cost of public transportation until your driver license is restored,

6) Your time and money spent on mandated DUI education,

7) Installation and maintenance of an ignition interlock device (may be ordered but not in all DUIs),

…and the biggie

8) Increased insurance premiums.

The time and costs of a DUI will vary depending on a number of circumstances but it is, without a doubt, very expensive and will demand a lot of your time. Most estimates for a first-time DUI run from approximately $10,000 to $20,000 in costs. That would be one expensive Super Bowl Sunday.

While most people are aware there are financial costs associated with a DUI, few consider how a DUI will affect their lifestyle. The most immediate impact is the suspension of your driver license. What would this mean for you? Do you have a long commute to work or school? Is there convenient public transportation available to you? Do you have friends or relatives upon whom you can rely to get you to and fro….every day? Can you afford to hire a taxi or other car service?

If you are ordered to install an ignition interlock device, you will be required to pull over at driving intervals to blow into the device. You will also be required to bring your car in for periodic maintenance on the device.

The mandatory DUI classes will require a minimum of 30 hours of your time, not counting getting to and from the class.

You will be placed on informal probation, usually for three years. Violating probation may land you in jail.

These consequences are just the minimums for a conviction on a first-time DUI. If the DUI involves injury or death or it is not a first-time DUI, the consequences will be far more serious. It is always wise to simply not drink and drive, but if your wisdom escaped you and the CHP found you in its sight, wise up and immediately consult an attorney. The money you spend on an experienced DUI attorney will often save you money and time down the road.


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