Trial Set for Anaheim Angel’s Pitcher Killer

With a blood alcohol level of three times the legal limit, Andrew Thomas Gallo, 22, decided to drive. He ran through a red light in Fullerton in April and hit a Mitshubishi Eclipse. Inside the Eclipse was Angel’s pitcher Nick Adenhart, college cheerleader Courtney Stewart, law student Henry Pearson and former Fullerton baseball player Jonathon Wilhite. Adenhart, Stewart and Pearson were killed. Gallo was charged with three counts of second degree murder, drunk driving causing great bodily harm, hit and run and driving on a suspended license because of a former DUI. He also received sentencing enhancements for injuring Wilhite and a passenger in his car, Raymond Rivera. His pretrial hearing will begin on September 11, 2009. If he is convicted of all these charges, he faces between 54 years to life in jail.

Gallo faces so much time in prison for an act he obviously did not think through or intend to do. Of course in retrospect, I am sure it is clear to him that he should not have driven. If you are ever feeling tipsy or drunk, ask someone else to drive.

An experienced Orange County DUI defense attorney will look at all the facts surrounding the incident and all of the possible defenses. Additionally, they would try to get the DA to drop or lower some of the charges so Gallo would have to spend less time in prison.

Whether you live in Lake Forest, Huntington Beach or Yorba Linda, if you get a DUI, you need an experienced defense attorney on your side.

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