Update on Westminster, California Councilman Suspected of DUI

Last week I blogged about Westminster Councilman Andy Quach being suspected of driving under the influence. More details emerged that affirmed that Quach was in fact driving drunk. Officers claimed that when they arrived at the scene of the accident, Quach’s car had hit a power pole that knocked out power to over 300 homes and he looked intoxicated. He had blood shot eyes, slow and slurred speech and smelled like alcohol. His blood alcohol content was at a .26%, three times over the legal limit. His friend, Assemblyman Van Tran came to the scene of the crime after being called by Quach. Tran says Quach looked shook up, but was not injured. Quach says he will not step down from his position and instead will educate Orange County citizens about drinking and driving.

It is disappointing when a person that is considered a model citizen and a role model does something like this, however, we are all human. This was clearly a case of bad judgment and likely taught him an important lesson. Besides just being charged with a DUI, he will receive an enhancement since his blood alcohol level was about a .20%.

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