Bounty Hunter Shoots California DUI Suspect

About three weeks, three armed bounty hunters went to find a man who had skipped bail for a misdemeanor DUI arrest. The bounty hunters arrived at the suspect’s house in Sun Valley and there was a scuffle. The suspect apparently tried to grab one of the bounty hunter’s guns so another bounty hunter pulled out his gun and shot the suspect in the leg.

Anytime a person is contacted by law enforcement, they should comply with the requests and be as cooperative as possible. Resisting arrest or fighting will just make it harder on you once you get to court.

Once you are arrested and charged with a DUI, it is important that you pay all necessary court fees and attend all court appointments. If not, you will face repercussions. Once you get a DUI, an experienced California DUI defense attorney may be able to assist you in lowering court fees or your sentence.

If you have any questions about driving under the influence or about your own charges, please call Orange County defense attorney William Weinberg, at 949.474.8009 (Irvine office) or 714.834.1400 (Orange office).

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