Costa Mesa DUI Checkpoint Results

On Friday night, Costa Mesa police set up a DUI checkpoint at Newport Boulevard and 22nd Street. Police screened about 212 of the 647 cars that drove through and investigated about 25 possible DUI incidents. Police arrested 3 people for driving under the influence and 1 person for suspicion of possessing marijuana for sale. Police also cited nine drivers for not having their license and 10 for vehicle violations. The next checkpoint in the area will be on August 26.

DUI checkpoints are effective because police stop all people in one busy area to see if someone has been drinking. Once you get close to the checkpoint, any turning around is prohibited. Checkpoints have many standards they have to follow. For example, the pattern of stopping cars must be neutral and mathematical (ex- every other car, every fourth car…etc). Additionally, the stop can not be overly burdensome or intrusive. Lastly, there must be a sign in the area warning drivers about the check and the area must be well lit and safely done to minimize fear for drivers.

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