A California County Forms New DUI Program

Lake County is forming a new DUI program called the Lake County DUI Intensive Response Team. The purpose of the program is to prevent DUI accidents and prosecute DUI suspects. The program involves five different components. First, the program funds vertical prosecutors to handle felony and misdemeanor DUI’s from the beginning to the end. This would allow the prosecutor to become familiar with the case and have their own investigators to assist with the DUI cases. Second, it requires DUI offenders to take counseling and alcohol education classes to prevent multiple DUI’s. Third, the program provides a victim assistance program that assists the victim by explaining the court process to the victims and contacting them regarding any developments in their case. Fourth, the program would provide more probation officers to look after DUI offenders and make sure they are complying with the probation conditions. Lastly, the program provides education to the community, and especially the youth, on the dangers of drinking and driving.

This program sounds like it has all of the elements to be very successful and effective at reducing DUI offenses and fatalities. If successful, many other counties may model its multi-faceted approach. If you are charged with a first time DUI, you will likely have to pay court fines and get your license revoked for a few months. With this program, you would also be mandated to take alcohol education classes to prevent future DUI’s and have active probation officers ensuring compliance to all probation conditions.

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