California DUI Checkpoint Leads to Pursuit

In Manteca this weekend, police officers and police cadets set up a DUI checkpoint on Yosemite Avenue from 7p.m. until midnight. Around 500 vehicles passed through the checkpoint and about 15 vehicles were impounded due to drivers having suspended licenses or driving while intoxicated. One man tried to avoid passing through the checkpoint which alerted officers that something was suspicious. After police followed the man, he sped off and led police on a chase. The chase eventually ended when the man crashed into a neighborhood. Officers later found out that the fleeing man, Jose Alberto Calouro, was wanted on three no-bail felony arrest warrants for his alleged involvement in fraud and forgery offenses. Calouro was arrested and taken to jail.

Recently, California has been the recipient of many grants aimed at improving DUI prevention and education programs. With this money, many counties have been setting up more DUI checkpoints as well as sending out more patrol cars to monitor heavily populated areas. Since there are more officers looking out for drunk drivers, if you are driving under the influence, you will likely be caught. Whether you live in Santa Ana, Brea or Yorba Linda, if you have been charged with a DUI, call an experienced DUI defense attorney right away to assist you.

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