Drunk Driver Hits 24 Cars in UC Irvine Parking Lot

Driving up or down a windy and narrow parking structure is hard enough. Being drunk and driving through a parking structure proved impossible for a drunk Downey man last week. Alexander Diaz, a non college student, crashed into 24 cars as he was trying to navigate through the narrow parking structure in the residential area of UC Irvine. He nor anyone else was injured. He was arrested and charged with a DUI, taken to the hospital and then released.

Again, the message is clear, do not drink and drive. Regardless if you are in Fountain Valley, Lake Forest or Anaheim, there are steep legal ramifications for drinking and driving. Diaz will likely have to pay for all the damage he caused to the cars, deal with a DUI on his record, pay steep court fees and even possibly go to jail.

If you have any questions about DUI’s or about your own charges, please call Orange County defense attorney William Weinberg, at 949.474.8009 (Irvine office) or 714.834.1400 (Orange office).

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