Westminster City Councilman Arrested for DUI

On Saturday night, after dinner with his friends, Westminster City Councilman Andy Tuan Ngoc Quach accidentally slammed his car into a power pole and knocked out power for about 300 homes in the area. Police arrested him because they believed he was driving under the influence. Quach claims that he just fell asleep for a few seconds and the next thing he knew, his black S550 Mercedez Benz had crashed into a power pole on McFadden Avenue. Quach said he was remorseful for what he did and wants to take full responsibility. He hopes that this event does not affect his position at the city.

As people know, DUI’s have major consequences. Besides possibly killing or injuring yourself or others, a DUI is reported on your criminal record which employers are constantly checking. Employees may often lose their jobs for getting a DUI. Losing a job in these tough economic times can mean being unemployed for a very long time. After a while, bills cannot be paid on time and your house and cars can be subject to foreclosure. It is hard to see that far ahead when you are drinking though. The most sound advice is whether you are living in Irvine, Fullerton or San Clemente, do not drink and drive! If you get a DUI, please call a trusted Orange County DUI defense attorney to help you through the legal process. A good attorney may be able to keep that DUI off your criminal record.

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