DUI Driver Killed 8 People in New York

In July, Diane Schuler was driving a minivan with five children in the car when she drove the wrong way on the street and got into a head on collision with an SUV. Four out of the five children and Schuler were killed instantly and all three passengers of the SUV were killed. Schuler had a blood alcohol level of .19 and had marijuana in her system. Her husband claims that she had never been drunk before and she had so many medical problems that could have caused the crash instead. That morning when she left the camp where she was staying, all the witnesses said she appeared normal and did not look or smell intoxicated. The family of the passengers in the SUV said they would likely sue her estate.

Diane Schuler may have had medical problems but there is no denying that she drove while intoxicated and under the influence of marijuana. Clearly, this led to the terrible accident that killed eight people, including four children. The effects of alcohol and marijuana may not be felt right away so if you have ingested any substances that are known to affect behavior, do not drive! Whether you live in Irvine, Orange or Fullerton, please contact an experienced DUI attorney if you are charged with a DUI.

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