Former California Highway Patrol Captain Charged with DUI

In March of this year, in San Luis Obispo, Martin Joel Whited was cited for driving under the influence of alcohol but was not tested or arrested. At the time of the DUI, Whited was an administrative captain in the Coastal Division headquarters of the California Highway Patrol. After the DUI, he was demoted to lieutenant and is working in Modesto for the California Highway Patrol. This month, the county District Attorney’s office filed a misdemeanor complaint against Whited for the DUI and he is scheduled to be arraigned in December.

It is likely quite embarrassing for Whited to be charged with a DUI, since he is a California Highway Patrol officer. He, of all people, should know the dangers of drinking and driving and he should be doing everything in his power to make the streets safer. As his sentence, he will likely receive probation and have to pay court fees.

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