OC DUI Attorney DUI News alert: New GPS can help you avoid OC DUI Arrests and keep you from getting lost

This is not a product endorsement, but there is some interesting new technology to help drivers avoid DUI arrests. CBS 2 is reporting that “Phantom Alerts” help drivers avoid DUIs and speeding tickets by signaling to drivers when they’re close to DUI checkpoints and speed traps.

How does it work? Phantomalert.com says that drivers and spotters report speed traps and photo enforcement locations on the phantom alert website. Drivers who have downloaded the software into their GPS will receive audio and visual alerts every time they approach enforcement areas. It seems that the program can help navigate drivers away from DUI checkpoints and speed traps.

The software can be uploaded to a GPS device, such as a “Tom Tom” and “Garmin”, for $10 a month. Comments about this post can be directed to Orange County DUI Attorney William Weinberg at (714) 834-1400.

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