Los Angeles DUI Lawyer Update: The “Boz” arrested for Los Angles DUI

Tmz.com is reporting that former football star turned actor Brian “The Boz” Bosworth was arrested in Los Angeles on Friday for allegedly driving drunk on a motorcycle.

The celebrity website reports that Bosworth was pulled over on his motorcycle along Hollywood Boulevard by officers who noticed that his Harley had no license plate. Officers detected alcohol on Bosworth’s breath and arrested him for DUI after he failed a breathalyzer test.

In the hands of a capable prosecutor, a breathalyzer reading in excess of .08 can be a powerful weapon against you at trial. This reading carries with it a presumption of intoxication. Your right to be presumed innocent is, therefore, compromised. A good criminal defense lawyer may be able to successfully move to have the results suppressed– which means that a jury will never learn that you took the breathalyzer. However, if the judge refuses to suppress your breathalyzer reading, your ability to defend your rights in court can be severely limited.

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