ORANGE COUNTY DUI LAWYER UPDATE: Law enforcement honored for Lake Forest DUI arrests

This week, Orange County Sheriffs were recognized by Mother’s Against Drunk Driving (MADD) with the “Deuce” Award- an award given to law enforcement officers who make more than 25 DUI arrests in a year.
According to the Orange County Register, one of the honored sheriffs, Deputy Dallas Hennessey, was the department’s only deputy to generate more than 100 arrests in one year. In 2007, he held the record for 111 DUI arrests , but had only half that amount in 2008–and he couldn’t be happier. Officer Hennessey credits the DUI arrests he made in 2007 as having a deterring effect on drunk driving in 2008. According to Hennessey, last year, there were DUI crashes every night during the summer months, but now, he’s seeing significantly less DUI crashes.

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