Oscar Winner Gets Jail Time for DUI Manslaughter in California

Roger Avery, a screenwriter, director and producer, was sentenced to 1 year in jail and 5 years probation for DUI manslaughter. Avery, his wife, and his friend Andreas Zini went to dinner in January of 2008. They left the restaurant and Avery was intoxicated, but still decided to drive them home. Around 12:30am, Avery was going around 100 m.p.h. when he slammed into a pole. Zini was killed instantly and Avery and his wife received injuries. Police arrested Avery who had a blood alcohol level of .11%.

Prosecutors said Avery could have received 12 years for the crime, but he knew Avery was remorseful and this was his first crime, so they reduced the sentence. The court said that even though Avery would have to be in jail for one year, he may be able to work from jail through a work furlough program. While in jail he will also have to take alcohol classes.

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