Santa Ana Man Gets Fourth DUI Conviction

Joel Torrejon Miranda, a suspected drunk driver with three prior convictions was indicted on gross vehicular manslaughter charges this week. Allegedly, in February, Miranda was driving his Chevrolet pickup truck with a blood alcohol level of .23%. He made an unsafe turn at an intersection which caused a car crash with Nguyen Tran. Miranda’s truck then went up a curb and hit pedestrian Francisco Aquino. Aquino was pinned against a wall and had serious injuries. He died two days later in the hospital. After the accident, Miranda fled the scene and was arrested a short time later.

Miranda already had 3 prior DUI convictions and had been sentenced to 96 hours in jail and three years of probation for his last DUI. For this DUI manslaughter change, Miranda may face 20 years to life in prison, if convicted. A pretrial hearing is scheduled for October 23. Whether you live in Tustin, Santa Ana or Laguna Woods, if you are charged with DUI manslaughter, call an experienced criminal defense attorney to assist you.

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